Weaning Kit

We foresee the future of your baby's growth. From the inside out, we've considered what baby needs to become food independent. Our weaning kit considers the stages and curates the transition from softs to solids- step by step. Happy Munching!

What's Inside? 

21 low allergenic nutrition-packed purees your baby will be reaching for right away.

Our Weaning Kit Guide (included in order) is filled with flavor facts, useful tips, and a way to keep track of your baby’s tastes.


Included Flavors

Week 1

Butternut Squash  |  Parsnips  |  Sweet Potato
Broccoli  |  Peas  |  Pear  |  Carrot

Week 2

Cauliflower  |  Spinach  |  Yellow Squash (seasonal)
Pumpkin (seasonal)  |  Brussels Sprouts
Apple  |  Beet  |  Mango

Week 3

Prune  |  Peach  |  Zucchini  |  Blueberry
Black Beans  |  Kale  |  Strawberry